“Megan is a driven young woman who has known what she wants to do from an early age, and has done her best at achieving the earmarks to reach her goal. Megan has helped the Board of the Inland Valley Symphony immensely by marketing auditions, bringing creative ideas on ticket sales, marketing, and organization to the team. Megan is always ready to help on special projects, and she is at every event, smiling ready to help, and is incredibly friendly with the patrons. She has helped build our audience, and her efforts has helped the musicians be musicians, rather than worry about policy, marketing, and ticket sales. She is exactly what we needed as an addition on this board. Thanks Megan!” – Kate Prestia-Schaub, Performing Artist – and Teacher at K8trills!

“It has been a pleasure to work with Megan and an even greater pleasure to witness such authenticity, ingenuity and passion just waiting to blossom into an incredible career path. Megan’s energy, critical thinking skills and receptive orientation to career development are just some of the multiple characteristics she will bring to the workplace. She is starting early to form innovative strategies to propel her into the workplace – strategies that will be highly advantageous for any potential employer. Megan works actively to build her own brand through blogging and networking and it is clear these are just some of the skills that she naturally has formed even without decades of experience on her belt. She is highly attentive to detail and works diligently to create proactive solutions in the face of great difficulty.” – Mira Weller, Development and Promotions Associate at Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra


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