Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Christmas is now over but I continue to quote Christmas songs, because I truly feel like I am living in a ‘winter wonderland.’ Cheesy I know! But putting a Californian in snow is like taking a fish out of water.

Well, this Californian girl had to explore this winter wonderland.  I am not use to staying inside all day, and I was getting anxious at the end of today .  Unlike California, I had to strap on my wool socks, winter boots, three jackets and gloves.  Somehow it still was not enough, but I did live.

This is my journey through the snow…




All of these beautiful pictures are taken at my grandmother’s farm which has been in the family for the last 43 years.  It is a beautiful place, and it holds many memories for this brunette.   I hope you continue to have a beautiful Christmas season – stay warm!