Monthly Goals {Weekly Wishes}


Link-ups are always fun.  They give you the opportunity to meet new bloggers, make friends and promote your blog.  Community is my favorite factor about blogging, and I am very excited to be linking-up with The Nectar Collective and other AMAZING bloggers today.  Since I will be starting my last semester of college this next week, I figured it would be fitting to make a list of monthly goals.  The Nectar Collective’s Monday post came at an ideal time!  These are my monthly goals:


  • Try something new that is outside of my comfort zone.  This goes along with my New Year’s goals I posted a week ago, and I figured that I should stick to them.  Maybe, I will join a new club to meet new people or try parasailing like I have always wanted.
  • Write in my personal journal more often this month.  I love to write (aka this blog).  I share many of my adventures and thoughts on this blog, but sometimes you can’t share on the WWW.  I love writing in my Journal, and I want to do it more often this month.
  • Visit two beautiful locations to practice taking photos.
  • Take a friend out for coffee that I have not talked to in a long time.
  • Plan my trip to England, Scotland and Ireland in May.


  • Make an effort to block out AT LEAST two hours a day of straight studying.  I’m almost there, but senioritis is starting to sink it.
  • Enjoy my last semester of classes & start them off right!
  • Visit & take pictures in my favorite places around campus.
  • Get to know at least two of my professors and develop a relationship with them.


  • Apply, Apply, Apply!  Applying to jobs will become harder as I get deeper into classes, but I want to make an effort to apply to at least 30 jobs this month.
  • Open up sponsorships on my blog to start helping others and my blog.
  • Revisit my resume and have two new people read through it.
  • Apply to new teaching positions in Asia.
  • Enjoy my job with the Boys N Girls Club.  It is quite an amazing organization.

So many goals so little time!  If only these goals could be read to me when I wake up in the morning, they might be more apt to happen!