Monthly Goals {Weekly Wishes}


Link-ups are always fun.  They give you the opportunity to meet new bloggers, make friends and promote your blog.  Community is my favorite factor about blogging, and I am very excited to be linking-up with The Nectar Collective and other AMAZING bloggers today.  Since I will be starting my last semester of college this next week, I figured it would be fitting to make a list of monthly goals.  The Nectar Collective’s Monday post came at an ideal time!  These are my monthly goals:


  • Try something new that is outside of my comfort zone.  This goes along with my New Year’s goals I posted a week ago, and I figured that I should stick to them.  Maybe, I will join a new club to meet new people or try parasailing like I have always wanted.
  • Write in my personal journal more often this month.  I love to write (aka this blog).  I share many of my adventures and thoughts on this blog, but sometimes you can’t share on the WWW.  I love writing in my Journal, and I want to do it more often this month.
  • Visit two beautiful locations to practice taking photos.
  • Take a friend out for coffee that I have not talked to in a long time.
  • Plan my trip to England, Scotland and Ireland in May.


  • Make an effort to block out AT LEAST two hours a day of straight studying.  I’m almost there, but senioritis is starting to sink it.
  • Enjoy my last semester of classes & start them off right!
  • Visit & take pictures in my favorite places around campus.
  • Get to know at least two of my professors and develop a relationship with them.


  • Apply, Apply, Apply!  Applying to jobs will become harder as I get deeper into classes, but I want to make an effort to apply to at least 30 jobs this month.
  • Open up sponsorships on my blog to start helping others and my blog.
  • Revisit my resume and have two new people read through it.
  • Apply to new teaching positions in Asia.
  • Enjoy my job with the Boys N Girls Club.  It is quite an amazing organization.

So many goals so little time!  If only these goals could be read to me when I wake up in the morning, they might be more apt to happen!


A November Reflection

My thoughts as I sit in this cozy Starbucks drinking my Peppermint Mocha with the rain falling outside…


Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? I have taken a little step out of the blogging world these last few weeks, but thanksgiving it around the corner and many blogs will be coming your way. Next week, I will be flying to Florida to experience and blog about amazing food, beaches and historical places to share with you! In other words, be on the look out for a couple amazing blog entries this coming week.

November has been pretty slow moving. There has not been much change or excitement. Sitting in this Starbucks drinking my peppermint mocha is the most refreshing thing I’ve done all week. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on a couple interesting points about my life…

I am to the point where I am seeking a new adventure. I am tired of the same routine, and I want something to be excited about. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on my last six months of school.

I think the realization that I won’t be here this time next year is sinking in. It’s almost like I’m  this slow moving clock set for a fast-approaching deadline. It’s a little daunting, because for the first time in four years…I have no clue what I am going to do. Where am I going to be in six months? Have you felt this way?

Now, it’s not like I haven’t prepared for this. This would be my suggestion to every 20something that is in this position like me. Make as many plans as possible. I’ve thought of several cities I’d want to live in, and I’ve even applied to teach English in Japan. I need to come up with more, but giving yourself options puts your mind at ease, just a little bit.

For right now, I believe the best thing to do is just LOVE what I am doing right now. I need to LOVE that I’m in college, enjoying playing in my concerts and spend time with the people I care about. That is what matters the most in life, right? I am going to keep giving myself options as I approach the time and place many people have encountered, graduation. I’ve already gotten that question, “what are you going to do after college?” And my answer… “I have no clue.” I can tell you places I’d love to visit or my dream job…but in the end, it’s going to be wherever life takes me.

If you feel this way also and you’d like to share you thoughts on this subject, please send me an email. I might just put it in a guest blog post. 🙂

Taking this Blog to the Next Level…

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I love to blog. I love to write. I love to be creative.

My blog is an extension of my personality.  It started off as an idea to simply ‘market’ myself for a future job.  It was suppose to be this place employers could go and see who the ‘true’ Megan really was.  It still is this, but it is turning out to be much, much more.

The more I learn about it, blogging can be a hobby, career and an obsession!  I plan to focus more on the first two, but we never know if the third will be one day.

Blogging is a world in itself, found in this magical land called the World Wide Web.  I have meant amazing, inspirational people through blogging that I would love to call my friends one day.  You have the opportunity to explore new ideas, try new hobbies and be creative.

In the next coming months, I plan to expand my blog.  I have had my blog for a year, and it’s time to revamp it. (Now, I just need to find the time being a busy college student.) Till then…I joined Bloglovin to follow my favorite blogs.  Why didn’t I come up with this million dollar idea before them?  You should follow me.

Stay tuned…for revamp!