Taking this Blog to the Next Level…

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I love to blog. I love to write. I love to be creative.

My blog is an extension of my personality.  It started off as an idea to simply ‘market’ myself for a future job.  It was suppose to be this place employers could go and see who the ‘true’ Megan really was.  It still is this, but it is turning out to be much, much more.

The more I learn about it, blogging can be a hobby, career and an obsession!  I plan to focus more on the first two, but we never know if the third will be one day.

Blogging is a world in itself, found in this magical land called the World Wide Web.  I have meant amazing, inspirational people through blogging that I would love to call my friends one day.  You have the opportunity to explore new ideas, try new hobbies and be creative.

In the next coming months, I plan to expand my blog.  I have had my blog for a year, and it’s time to revamp it. (Now, I just need to find the time being a busy college student.) Till then…I joined Bloglovin to follow my favorite blogs.  Why didn’t I come up with this million dollar idea before them?  You should follow me.

Stay tuned…for revamp!