Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Christmas is now over but I continue to quote Christmas songs, because I truly feel like I am living in a ‘winter wonderland.’ Cheesy I know! But putting a Californian in snow is like taking a fish out of water.

Well, this Californian girl had to explore this winter wonderland.  I am not use to staying inside all day, and I was getting anxious at the end of today .  Unlike California, I had to strap on my wool socks, winter boots, three jackets and gloves.  Somehow it still was not enough, but I did live.

This is my journey through the snow…




All of these beautiful pictures are taken at my grandmother’s farm which has been in the family for the last 43 years.  It is a beautiful place, and it holds many memories for this brunette.   I hope you continue to have a beautiful Christmas season – stay warm!


Wonder. Life After College.

Graduation is getting closer and closer.  More than ever, the concept of leaving this chapter in my life is becoming clearer.  I have begun to wonder what life after college will be like.


I have talked to other seniors about their plans after college.  Many of them are going off to grad school, some are going straight into a career and some just do not know.  I can relate!  I am fighting with those last two everyday.

I like to make plans, and I always believe it is important to be making plans for such an important event like graduation.  For those that are looking into more options than just the job or grad school, you should check these out.

Join the Peace Corps – my cousin is doing this right now and she loves the program.  You could do anything from teaching to research.

Want to stay in America, join the AmeriCorps.  You can be placed in several different types of non-profit organizations or in a teaching position.

Love the outdoors?  Work in a National Park for the summer.

Work with children and teach in low-income areas, Teach for America.

Discover Japan and teach english through the JET Program.

Do you have musical talent? Discover the seas and play on a cruise ship.

If none of these still suit you, think about finding an internship or fellowship with a company that you would love to work for.  If you want to go abroad, look for an internship that will take you across the ocean.

Being so young, we have multiple options – always.  Our lives can go in many different directions, and this is very true after our college graduation.  Think about it.  What options would you take?