• Successfully organized the first audition day for the Inland Valley Symphony. Jobs included marketing the event through Facebook, grassroots marketing, recruiting college and professional musicians and successfully running the audition day.

• Implemented an online “Chatter Group” for Campus Representatives of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. This interactive environment allows campus representatives to talk freely about ideas on reaching out to individual campus communities about the All-Access Pass that LACO offers.

• Collaborated with theater manager in designing, editing and releasing the Old Town Temecula Community Theater’s 2012-2013 theater brochure. The brochure won the 2012 CPRS Award of Excellence given on behalf of the California Park & Recreation Society.

Professional Experience

Symphony Board Member – Inland Valley Symphony
Social media marketing of performances, collaborating with board members at monthly board meetings, organization of audition process by conversing with interested musicians and administering audition day

Administrative Assistant II – University of Redlands School of Continuing Studies
Communication responsibilities included customer service, marketing analysis of Continuing Studies programs in Southern California, faculty public relations and organization of faculty paperwork

Marketing and Fundraising Experience

Development Internship – Long Beach Opera
Collaborated in highly active development department doing grant research, conversing with potential 2013 Gala sponsors and taking part in venue/special event planning

Marketing Internship and Campus Representative – Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
A part of the founding Campus Representative group in establishing and connecting University students to the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Promoted All-Access Pass and concert season through Facebook content, blogging about concerts and flyer distribution around college campus.

Marketing Internship – Old Town Community Theater
Maintained close collaboration with theater manager in developing, designing and implementing 2012-2013 season brochure. Reached audiences by posting content on social media, uploading concert information to theater website and marketing performances through press-release writing.

Has also collaborated with the Redlands Symphony, San Diego Symphony, California Chamber Orchestra and K8Trills Flute Studio

Relevant Experience

Sigma Alpha Iota Treasure and Fundraising Chair
Maintaining the financial health of the organization through building a budget for the school year, maintaining expenses through out the year and basic bookkeeping duties. In 2012, organized fundraising events and maintained a steady flow of income for the organization during the year 2011-2012


University of Redlands; Redlands, California
Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a Minor in Music
Salzburg Semester with the University of Redlands; Salzburg, Austria, Spring 2012

*References Upon Request

Megan Thudium_resume


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