Baby Steps…

Here are the beginning steps to becoming a successful musician!

  1. DEFINE YOUR PASSION: It is important for any performing artist before they enter the working field that they really define what their passion is. A career in music depends on this very first point. Make sure you truly understand what your passion for music is, what you love most about music and make sure it is something that you wouldn’t mind fighting your whole life to keep close. Answer this very important question: Why do I love music so much I want to make a career out of it?
  2. MAKE A PLAN AND DEFINE YOUR GOALS: Many times musicians know without a doubt that they want to play music as a profession for the rest of their lives; however, they do not always know how to get from point A to point B. Don’t we all have this problem, tho? Even the business major goes through this. Take a minute and sit down. Write down every career that you would love to see yourself doing. This includes your absolute favorite to your very favorite to your favorite. Once you have define these GOALS. Start making a master plan. How will you get to your absolute favorite? What are the steps you think you should take? It is important to remember that on this list to include EVERYTHING that you would be happy doing as a career. This also mean non-related music professions. This is so if by chance your absolute favorite falls through you will always have something to fall back on that you will be happy with!
  3. CREATE AN IMAGE: Many times musicians go with the original image. This image is the classical musician that’s beautiful and very talented. This is a great image to uphold; however, it has been so over done. INSTEAD, create a new image! One that defines you and that’s unique. That is how you’ll get jobs, if you stand out from the norm! Here are a couple of my favorites:

I believe the major success in these websites are that they create a UNIQUE IMAGE and they have a fun SLOGAN. Or this is what I noticed when I first visited. Yes, you can take the professional photo with your instrument but try something different too!


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