Just Another Sunny Winter Day in San Diego

I should not be rubbing in the beautiful weather of Southern California right now but it is really hard not too.  Especially when I see daily blog posts, twitter updates and Facebook posts on the snow ‘everywhere’ in the country.  None the less, I hope this little blog entry brings a little warm sunshine into your snowy day.

Today was a beautiful day in San Diego.  The snow was sand and my jacket was a short sleeve dress top.  For Christmas, I bought my mother and I tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet which has become a yearly, Christmas tradition for the both of us.


We arrived a little early in San Diego, and we decided to visit the Seaport Village for a bit to eat.  The village is a beautiful collection of little shops, yummy bakeries and restaurants sitting next to the harbor of San Diego.



We decided to try a new restaurant for lunch.  We poked our heads into the Edge Water Grill.  If not for the food, I would visit this place for the view.


For lunch, we shared a turkey sandwhich with a fabulous strawberry vinaigrette spread.  This was my favorite part of the meal! It was very yummy and delicious.  As a side, we enjoyed a couple octopuses – Calamari.  In my opinion, what makes a Calamari dish yummy is the sauce, and this sauce was pretty amazing.


My mother insisted on taking a photo of me with the little octopus.


That sandwich sure looks great from this angle.



After our lunch, we hopped over to the California Ballet to see our annual production of the Nutcracker.  Everything was decked out for Christmas, and it made me even more excited for the big day fast approaching.

ImageIf you have not seen a production of the Nutcracker, I would suggest you get to it!  It’s a beautiful ballet, and the music is amazing.  My favorite part is the cute, adorable kids running around on stage all dressed up.  They pretty much just sit on stage and look adorable.  The audience’s reaction is ‘aw….’ You cannot get much better than that!

Merry Christmas and until next time!


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