Lights at The Mission

Little treasures can be found in places that you would not normally think about.  Riverside, California finds itself nestled in between Los Angeles and Palm Springs.  This city holds a strong historical significance, but it is rarely the first city thought of when thinking about Southern California.


Visited by Presidents, the Mission Inn is a old, historical hotel in the heart of downtown Riverside.  It is especially beautiful this time of the year.  Why you might ask?  Well, because of the thousands and thousands of twinkling lights cast around the hotel.



There is nothing quite beautiful like looking at Christmas lights.  It seems to put the heart at ease.


Take a stroll down the corridors of the Inn, enjoy a drink at the bar and take a peak at the indoor Christmas trees.


When you want a little fresh air, take a stroll outside to say “hi” to the reindeer that are for show, a quick round at the ice skating rink then a yummy cupcake at Casey’s Cupcakes.  Try to take a peak at this tree with crazy blue lights.


Go explore this magical place during this time of year and see the lights of Riverside.  It might just be a side of California you’ve never seen.


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