Christmas List 2013

After the Feast of Lights production this last week, I feel as if Christmas is in full-swing.  My Christmas tree is up in my house, and I’m burning an evergreen candle.  I plan to go Christmas shopping tomorrow for fellow friends and family, but just in case anybody was wondering….here is my Christmas list this season.  Now I know a few of them are a little far fetched, but that is just me dreaming.


Item #1: VicTsing Magnetic Detachable Fish-Eye Lens

As I blog more and more, I am starting to fancy the idea of photography as a hobby.  Of course, I’m going to try the real thing with the fancy camera, but I love the idea of this detachable lens.  I could take this anywhere and attach it to my phone!

Item #2: Starbucks Red Tumbler

I have turned into quite the Starbucks nutcase.  This would aid me in my continuing obsession.

Item #3: Arbonne Facial Products

This is my favorite facial products that I have found on the market.  My cousin actually sells these, and I hope to be getting a special order from her this season.

Item #4: Kate Spade Black Side Bag

I am in love with Kate Spade.  Her products are very professional and classy.  I love it!  It’s a little on the high-end, but it would last me a long time.


Item #5: Coachella Tickes

A little farfetched but if this happen it would be pretty sweet!

Item #6: Book of Mormon Tickets

I love broadway shows and this little show will be coming to Los Angeles this January.  This would be the dream to see.

There you go – my Christmas list!  Not to long, not to short but just right.  Maybe a little farfetched, but I can dream.


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