If you ever…want to feel the thrill of falling at 120mph!

After today, I have decided to add one important part to my new years resolution (which will be coming soon).  Next year, I vouch to do something exciting and out of my comfort zone at least once every month.


Now what did I do today, well today I went indoor sky diving.  No, it wasn’t actually sky diving, but I like to think that I am working myself up to that point.  It was a crazy experience.  


I was very nervous when I stepped into the wind chamber, but I am ecstatic that I conquered my fears and DID IT!  Now, I should explain to you exactly what I did.

Today, I went with a group of friends from my school to an indoor skydiving company in Paris, California.  No, not the real Paris.  We were taken into this huge wind simulator that was a couple stories up off the ground.  We went through about 30 minutes of training that was basically the ‘how to’ of free-falling.  That did not prepare me for what came next!

We geared up, massive fans were turned on (these things freaked me out) and our instructor couched us into a small wind room.  There was a grind under us but above the tunnel went up about two stores towards the fans.  This was scary! 


Well, the first time I went…I failed measurably.  In the video later, I may comment that I pretty much stumbled into the chamber.  The strength of the wind was overwhelming and not what you expected!  My cheeks were pressed against my teeth from the wind.  After freaking out in the chamber (for only a minute and a half), I finally got the correct form and my last two tries were much better!  Improvement is always good!  

Anyway, today was an interesting day, because I really stepped outside of my comfort zone.  That first try was hard for me, but I did it again and again…then I conqured it.  I would defianlty go again if I had the chance, and I would suggest the experience to anyone.  It was a thrill! I might go outdoor sky diving in the future or not, we will see.  Till then, one exciting adventure a month in 2014.  Keep me on track! 


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