What’s in the Business Bag?

This weekend, I will be attending the Circle of Change Leadership Conference, and I am overwhelmingly excited about this opportunity.  I will have the opportunity to network with non-profit leaders, meet top executives of major companies, hear lectures from people in the field and take workshops in networking and branding.  It will be an amazing weekend.  However to get the weekend started right, what will be in this business student’s bag at the conference this weekend?




  • Four different colored pens
  • 20 copies of my resume
  • 20 copies of a generic cover letter
  • My Ralph Lauren snazzy sunglasses
  • iPad for any quick references to important people
  • My Moleskin Planner
  • My black career notebook
  • New business cards
  • A portfolio to take notes
  • Quilted bag made by my lovely mother

And do not forget, the three business outfits that will also be accompanying me on this amazing weekend.  I am truly excited, and I will be posting on my Facebook page through out the weekend along with a follow-up blog. 


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