LINKEDIN it to the Next Level

If you are the type of blogger like me you imagine your social media as an extension of your professional profile.  You want everything to look as professional as possible, but you also want your content to reflect you.  LinkedIn is one of those professional social media devices that should be taken more seriously.  It is not Facebook or Twitter instead it’s an opportunity to connect with working professionals in your field.  It is a networking opportunity.

Well that sounds great does it not?  Take advantage of it and go create your LinkedIn profile now.

After you have created it,  you might just want to take your profile to the next level.  I know I do.  I have had my LinkedIn profile for the last two years, and it has improved.  However, there is always more room for improvement.  Well, like any good business student, I follow the Wall Street Journal.  There is a great article outlining tips on this, and this is what you should take away:

  • Know what LinkedIn actually is and how it should be used.  LinkedIn is not a typical social media website instead it is a professional career website.  You should know your audience and when creating your profile make it as professional as you can.
  • You have created the profile, but how can you really get the most out of it?  Start by simply reaching out to people in your field that you discover on LinkedIn.  When doing this make sure not to come off to strong.  Treat the introduction as if you are looking for advice (and usually you are, how do I get a job with your business?).  Be as professional as possible in the message and grab their email as quickly as possible.  Take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Participate in LinkedIn industry groups.  This is a very good way to reach new people, talk with people in your industry and build those 1st and 2nd degree contacts.
  • Focus on building your connections outside of your normal network.  Ask your 1st degree people to introduce you to someone else in the field.
  • Join Groups!  This is a great way to continue to build those 2nd and 3rd degree connections directly.  However, make sure to participate in the dialogue of the group without jumping straight into connecting.  Bring content to your group first, because then your introduction will be more valuable.
  • Keep your LinkedIn updates professional.  You will get a much better response if your profile is up-to-date, includes a nice picture and is relevant to the type of job you wish to get.

Try these tips out!  What tips would you have for others?

Don’t forget to visit my LinkedIn Profile.


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