El Coyote Mexican Cafe

I’ll have an extra side of salsa with that!


Los Angeles offers more than a handful of great mexican joints to check out.  Even Yelp was not that helpful this last Saturday when I was trying to find the best one.  There are just to many to choose from.  It was a little hard to narrow down the search.  However, I decided to humor my Los Angeles Mexican craving with El Coyote Mexican Cafe.  I will have to say one of the most humorist things about this place was that it had valet parking.  I don’t believe I have ever seen valet parking for a Mexican restaurant before.

If you did not already know this about me,  I love history…and good food.  When you happen to put the two together, I become very excited.  And I was very excited about El Coyote not just for its food but the place’s long interesting history.  Serving Los Angeles since 1931, this place had a little history behind it.

The atmosphere was pleasant and very home-feeling.  When first walking into the restaurant, you are greeted with countless photographs of famous people that have enjoyed this mexican food as much as I did.  The place was decorated for halloween or “The Day of the Dead,” and there were more lights than I could possibly count.

Now what did I actually eat?  It was my first time of course and usually at these times I like to try the ‘famous’ dishes of the house.  This being said, my drink was a dead give-a-way.  That night, I had the famous El Coyote House Margarita.  It was pretty good too, but it was a little on the strong side.  I quickly found this out half way through!  Despite, I would say the House Margarita is a must have at this place.  It was very yummy, and it’s a great compliment to any mexican dish.


For the main course, I went with the #1 which is the most famous dish at El Coyote.  It was an assortment of cheese/beef enchiladas sided with a hard taco.  The ingredients where fresh and have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE white cheese?


I have not even mentioned the chips and salsa in this post yet.  I would say this was even better than the meal, because the chips were warmly just made and the salsa was fresh.  There were way to many chips eaten at this meal.  This meal was very tasty and when I find myself back in Los Angeles craving mexican food again….this will be a must.


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