That’s a Wrap…in 7 Months

The ending of one journey is the beginning of a new…


I am sure many of you will read this blog entry and smile at me.  Mainly because you might have been in the same position at my age.

It is my senior year of college, and I am wrapping up the final days of my college life.  The more I think about it, I’ll miss the beautiful landscape of my University, the friendly faces walking to class and the never ending countless opportunities.  I still have quite a few months to go before I graduate in April, but it is already starting to dawn on me.  It is approaching much quicker than I had thought.  I find myself walking in between classes counting on my figures the number of months that I have till that shinning day.  It puts it all into perspective.

I am sure, most every person in my position feels this same uncertainty.  I have been living and doing the exact same thing for the last four years.  I know it is time to move on, but the reality that life is ‘changing’ can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

However, I continue to tell myself that I have done everything in my power to prepare myself for those months after graduation in searching for a job.  Oh course, I might not know what to expect, but I have done everything for that moment.  It will be a long time coming.

These are a couple of ideas that I have for after college.  I have companies already set aside to apply too, but I’ve also thought of other possibilities.  I have learned that, in the end, you have to just let life take you along for the ride.

  1. Apply to the JET Teaching Abroad program in Japan.  I have also thought about teaching english in China and other nations in Asia area.  Do you have any programs in mind?
  2. Apply to a PAID internship with Disney in Florida.  This will provide me with connections in the entertainment industry and experience working for a popular company.
  3. Apply to as many jobs in cities that I would love to live in.  Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Tampa, Orlando, D.C. & Boston.  Have any suggestions?
  4. Travel to England in May to visit my best friend’s graduation!  I will also travel to see Scotland and Ireland.  It should be a great graduation gift!

Well, that’s a wrap!…for now.


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