The Art of Power Posing

 “Power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident.

Recently, I watched an interesting TED talk and like all great bloggers I have to blog about it.  Amy Cuddy, a social physiologist, talks about how changing your posture can greatly change the outcome of your situation.  Amy states that something as simple as a handshake versus a no handshake can change a person’s entire outlook.  Our gestures mean everything. How effective can our body language be in important situations?

Why am I talking about this?  Body language and how we carry ourselves is intertwined into our everyday lives.  For me, I exercise this ‘power posing’ in my internships.  I constantly have to think about how I am carrying myself as a 21-year-old business women.  I want to appear confident but not ‘a know it all’.  I want to be friendly professional but not ‘buddy-buddy.’  It can become quite complicated when you think about it.   Like all good business leaders,  this is a concept we struggle with. How do we appear confident when we are not?  How do we carry ourselves around others?  

Appear confident when we are not.  Amy talks about the concept of ‘power posing.’  Long story short, when in a difficult position appear confident even when you might not be.  Hold your head up high and smile.   Put your right foot forward and look assertive. When doing this, it might even trick your mind into believing that you are confident.  I practice this everyday, and I struggle with it everyday.  This strategy takes a lot of practice.  For me, I know the best solution is to never let others know that my confidence is lacking.  Instead, I want them to know that I am strong and constantly pushing forward.  

Amy quotes the perfect solution to these difficult situations, Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes. So this is two minutes. Two minutes, two minutes, two minutes. Before you go into the next stressful evaluative situation, for two minutes, try doing this, in the elevator, in a bathroom stall, at your desk behind closed doors. That’s what you want to do. Configure your brain to cope the best in that situation. Get your testosterone up. Get your cortisol down. Don’t leave that situation feeling like, oh, I didn’t show them who I am. Leave that situation feeling like, oh, I really feel like I got to say who I am and show who I am.

It is all about finding the right mind set.

As Amy says it, “Fake it till you become it!”

Remember, this is not just for the business professional.  This can be for the everyday person or passionate musician. When you walk on stage, appear confident.  Even if you are not, the confidence will engulf your entire performance and might just change the outcome.  Being confident is essential to being successful. 

Watch the TED talk:  Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

What did you get out of this TED talk?


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2 thoughts on “The Art of Power Posing

  1. How very timely! I have a second interview tomorrow, and this is the mental boost I need to go in there, and rock it. You’re such an accomplished young woman, Megan. You’re going to make a difference in the world.

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