Putting the Scattered Thoughts Away


During the course of a normal day, we have many thoughts that go through our heads.  I know I have many thoughts.  Many of them float around for a couple seconds before being lost forever or shoved back towards the dark reaches of our brains.  In these situations, we think of all the things we need to do, past emotional memories or future planning.  And conveniently, these thoughts occur exacly when we are in the middle of doing something else.  Driving. Practicing.  Studying.  Talking. Before we go to sleep.

We know the list of ‘to-do’ ideas are very important.  But how do we put the scattered thoughts away, sum it all up then bring them back out when it’s convenient? 

This one strategy might seem very simple but it has worked wonders when I have this problem. And I have this problem A LOT.  I call myself the sticky note queen.  The planner queen.  The colorful paper queen.  I love anything that is quick, and that I can jot something down really quickly before it disappears from my thoughts.  

Try this simple trick.  Carry a pad of paper, sticky notes or a journal around with you.  Have multiple of these items in multiple places.  Your car. At the kitchen table.  Your desk at work.  Beside you when you are practicing.  When a thought enters your head, write it down quickly then forget about it. Finish the task you are in the middle of. Later go back to the task you wrote down.  Write it down so (1) you will not forget it and (2) whatever you were doing at that second when the thought occurred, you can completely finish it then come back to the task later.  What is worse than getting flustered and not completing a task because you thought of something else to do?  Plus get the satisfaction of crossing that task off your list when you complete it.  This simple tip I assure you, will make you more organized, better at multitasking and less mind jumbled.  This is great for that musician trying to have a strong practice session.  This is great for the working professional that has constant improvements or tasks to complete.  The college student that has a million and one things to-do in their life.  It is just about perfect for anyone.  

~The Artistic Brunette


What do you do to keep your mind from being cluttered?  How do you make sure all of your tasks are completed and not lost in thought?


7 thoughts on “Putting the Scattered Thoughts Away

  1. I have come to rely on Evernote . I
    have the app on my phone and on my imac. I no longer misplace my ideas, observations, etc. For those moments when I need to write stg down, I commit it to my Evernote dedicated Moleskin notebook. Later on I can scan my written entries onto my Evernote account. Presto, chango! All my “stuff” is accessible from any computer. Try it! (Evernote.com) It’s free.

  2. I have to try that, it sounds like a great idea. I especially hate when I am distracted by scattered thoughts when I’m practicing or writing music. Thanks for the advice!

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