Hops with a Fruity Finish

Hot Day, Cold Beer.Image

No less than three days after my 21st birthday, I had the excitement of serving at my first beer festival – Packinghouse Beer Festival!  My amazing boyfriend works for Wiens Brewing in Temecula, and I would encourage you to go anytime.  However, the brewery will occasionally do beer festivals, and I got to enjoy one of these last saturday.

About 115 degrees in Riverside last Saturday, I spent about 6 hours pouring beer for people.  The favorite was Wien’s Front Street Lager which was perfect on a hot day.  My significant other didn’t quite like that this was the crowds favorite since he’s all about the strong hops IPAs!  I enjoyed the lager.

There were about 25 small breweries at this festival.  After serving for a couple hours, we would walk around tasting the various beers.  In the end, I have to admit 95% of what I tasted did not excite me.  However, I like the beer of this new brewery called Bravery Brewing.  Recently opened, I loved Bravery’s Blackberry IPA.  It was your standard hops IPA but with a splash of blackberry to even it out.  The next step will be visiting this exciting little brewery in person!


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