Birthday Wishes

Birthday Collage

It’s a new age, and I can finally say that I’m “officially” an adult. Like all 21st birthdays, mine was full of new experiences, close friends and many laughs.

My day started with an amazing introductory flight given to me by my parents. It was one hour of instruction in the air, and I got the opportunity to fly all over the Temecula Valley. I could not have picked a better day for flying, and my instructor kept telling me so.

In the afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit Stone Brewing Company in San Diego, CA with my boyfriend. If you have never been, I say go! It has a wonderful atmosphere, and the beer was outstanding. It was not to bad for my first drink! However, if you do plan on visiting Stone, make sure you try the IPA. Stone is famous for its Stone IPA. A strong hops taste at a 6.9% was a treat.

Finally, this wonderful day ended with a yummy dinner. My birthday dinner was at Soro’s Mediterranean Grill in downtown Temecula. The pita bread was delicious, and I loved my chicken Kabob. I would highly recommend this place if you are ever in the area. It was yummy!

And that was the end of my amazing first day of being 21! Looking into the future, I hope this year will have many new exciting adventures and experiences. I hope to be graduating in April. I hope to make a couple amazing trips, and I wish to get a job out of college that I will enjoy. Thank you for following my blog, many more adventures are to come!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. That sounds like a really fun day! My friends took me to Universal Studios for my 21st birthday, and it was so much fun. Harry Potter World, first of all, but also it was my first time going out dancing and that was so much fun. Glad you had great a 21st birthday (flying, wow!). I hope you have an amazing year to follow! 🙂

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