Classic Cars, Cupcakes and Street Art

Taking a Saturday and spending it with a best friend is always perfect!  This perfect day consisted of my dad’s 1964 Classy Corvar, yummy cupcakes and chalk art.  

My best friend and I cruising in the back of the 1960s Corvar.  Our hair became way to tangled. 
Next stop, the street painting fair.  Local artists around Temecula came together for this weekend event to provide us with beautiful murals. 
The Doctor Who inspired piece was obviously my favorite!
Next stop: Incr-Edible Cupcakes in downtown Temecula.  These cupcakes where fantastic. They were fluffy, not to sweet and mouth watery.  My friend and I shared a chocolate cupcake and red velvet! 
A yummy treat to finish up a perfect day! 

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