The Art of Developing A Creative Brand

Creative ideas…After reading a very interesting article, I decided that the article might hold merit for creating a personal brand. I’ve blogged about branding before, but it is not to be a dieing subject. In my opinion, personal branding is what gets you ahead in the job market, gets you that next promotion or helps you land your dream job. I’m hoping my blogging experience will help with the dream job.

In order to stand out, your personal brand needs to involve a measure of personal creativity. How can you make your personal brand different than everyone else? Creative thinking would be a good start!

Remember an idea is a collection of multiple old ideas that are then formed into a new idea. It’s a simple formula, but if used right you can create a very creative personal brand. Try these key concepts to continue to build and maintain a creative brand.

1) Gathering raw materials: This concept can more commonly be known as design thinking. Try this! Search the internet, magazines and books to find images that you think represent you. Pull them all together and use them to find words or phrases that best describe you as a person or your career path. Think to yourself, what do I want my personal brand to convey?

2) Developing a plan for your brand. Before you start, set a couple of goals and plans for how you want your personal brand to develop. Then write down the steps that you are willing to take to achieve your goals. However, remember your personal brand in the end should reflect YOU.

3) Research: This is always an important step. Research how other individuals have personally branded themselves. What are their success stories? What can you learn from them to help in branding yourself?

4) Make yourself stand out! By gathering your raw materials from #1, make sure to create an image of yourself that stands out from the rest. However, keep in mind the importance of keeping your professionalism on the internet. In the end, don’t be normal. Everyone has a personal brand, but how do you make yours stand out from everyone else.

5) Consistency. It is important to maintain your personal image once developed. Make sure to brand yourself with images, articles or status updates that correspond with your personal brand. The consistency of your content will strengthen your brand, and it will become more successful.

And I’ll leave it at this, Have you created a ‘creative’ personal brand? How did you come up with it, and how are you actively maintaining it?


2 thoughts on “The Art of Developing A Creative Brand

  1. Don’t forget – if you really want to make a ‘brand’ per-say, make sure that it infuses into every aspect of your life. Be diligent! Make your business card, resume, and all written materials (that aren’t under any other brand, like your company’s brand) reflect your website thematically. Check out how Adobe Illustrator has the capability of making multiple art-boards so that you can make many different pieces of personal materials that are consistent. This article is a great launching point, but where should one go next? I think it would be cool if you made a follow up blog post about executing your brand.

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