The Me, Me, Me Generation


Today, my mother handed me an article out of the latest issue of Time Magazine.  It was titled, “The New Greatest Generation”, but followed with phrases like “they are narcissistic, overconfident and entitled.”  “They’re self-centered and could bring about the end of civilization as we know it.” After reading the article two times, I still don’t quite understand what she is trying to say to me.

The article goes back and forth from positive to negative, the positive points are what I would like to talk about. Personally,  I just don’t want to focus on the negative!

Long story short, these are the positive points I picked up about my generation.

  • We understand how to turn ourselves into brands (aka THIS BLOG).  We have many different ways of branding ourselves.  We have Facebook, twitter and blogging.  This has partly led our generation to be confident in ourselves, who we are as individuals, and we enjoy reflecting on different events in our life.
  • We are adopting to a world of abundance.  With more and more uses of the internet being created everyday, our generation has learned how to adopt and adopt quickly.  It’s a crazy world out there and in many ways we have to fight to the top!
  • Companies are starting to adopt to this new generation.  Our generation is the “go, go, go” generation.  We are constantly wanting new things, new ideas and the newest trendy thing.
  • Millennials are able to negotiate better contracts for companies, because of their increasing interactive, passionate personalities.
  • Our generation is three, four steps ahead.  We know what we want to do, we do it and we’re always thinking towards the next big goal.

Some people might say we are narcissistic, overconfident, entitled, lazy….and self-centered.  I SAY instead we are EARNEST and OPTIMISTIC.  We embrace the system.  We are idealist, thinkers and dreamers.  Our front door is never the limit, and we are always looking beyond. We are informed, pro-business and financially responsible thinking (or I’d like to think so).  We are entrepreneurs.  We think a lot about ourselves and our bigger connection to the world.  I like to think of us as innovative, changing the world to be something new and different.  We are the new greatest generation.


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