Living Your 20s Right

Like a good business student, I will occasionally watch an interesting TED talk episode.  What is TED talks?  TED talks are short 10-15 minute videos featuring various educational topics given by professionals in different fields.  Recently, I watched an interesting one.  This one was called “Why 30 is not the new 20.” 

In this episode, a clinical psychologists discusses the popular belief that your 20s are just a throwaway decade.  Sitting in college, I see many of my friends with this same mind set.  All we want to do is have fun in life, because we are young and everything is new.  I have been a victim of it myself, and I’ll admit to it.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to live life, but at the same time you should be actively making plans for your future life.  According to Meg, these should be decisions from your career to a potential future partner.  

You’re thinking, “Agh, I really do not want to think about this!”  But in many ways to be successful in life, we have to make plans.  Of course, we will have the spur of the moment opportunities and events, but to continue moving forward we must begin to lay a solid road in front of us.  Meg says that 8 out of the 10 moments that will be the defining factors in the course of our lives will happen before we are 35.  Those 20s are starting to sound more important!  

The most important point I got out of this TED talk (and you might get something different) was the importance of building your life and career as soon as you can and how important your 20s are to the success of these factors.  Meg says your 20s will have the biggest defining moments in your life.  I say, let’s start making those moments. 

Check out the TED talk:


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