The Other Side of Me You Haven’t Heard About

I am a die hard science fiction fan.  I just got home from watching the new Star Trek Movie now in theaters, and I have to quickly warn you not to read this if you care about spoilers.  I love Star Trek.  I grew up with it, and it is very close to my heart.  The new Star Trek series is exciting, the visual effects are amazing and Chris Pine is adorable.  I will say I enjoyed it just for those three things.

However, this last movie lacked direction….and plot/character development.  There was so much action being played out, the movie lacked the heart and soul of Star Trek.  There was no sympathizing with the characters or character development (except maybe between Kirk and Spock).  I’ll say the biggest point to state was the ending.  I don’t know about you, but I hate it when movies kill off a main character…then they magically come back with Khan blood?  

Then my favorite part, the ending with Leonard Limoy.  “Old” Spock appears to tell “New” Spock how bad Khan really is, but in the movie previously “Old” Spock never meets the crew of the Enterprise.  But in this one,  “New” Spock seeks counsel on the big screen from “Old” Spock, wouldn’t it have been a big shocker for the crew to see an old version of Spock on the screen…and the crew didn’t question it?  Oops!

I will admit, I did enjoy it….but it lost the amazingness which is Star Trek.


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