Changing Tides

If only I was spending my summer here…

Like all things in the world…sometimes you go through changes. Summer is fast approaching, and my may term is almost over. Soon I will officially be a senior in college, and it will be my last year at the university. It’s a little scary, but I have plans. Like always, Megan ALWAYS has plans. This summer will be exciting in between a new internship with the Long Beach Symphony, traveling with the family, working on campus and hanging out with friends. It will be the last summer of my true childhood where I didn’t have a full time job or a career. It’s the last summer of childhood.

Just as a heads up…to celebrate the summer, I have reinvented my blog. I have added various projects that I am involved with, and I have decided that I will be blogging on more than just Key Changes content. So I hope you enjoy. Tell me what you think. Leave me many wonderful comments…and I will keep you updated on the many adventures of the Artistic Brunette.


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