Taking the Opportunity

It would only be fitting that I am writing a blog on opportunity, because I’ve grabbed multiple opportunities! Recently, I have been thinking, and I have done a lot of reflecting. Out of the seven internships I’ve had, five on them have been from me taking what was right in front of me. One of those best internships is with the Old Town Temecula Community Theater. Bea Barnett gave me opportunities that I could only imagine as an intern. That opportunity came to me through a simple email from one of my father’s friends. But I ran with it. Similar with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, I saw a flyer in my music department, I applied and got a top-notch internship!

Opportunities are presented to us everyday. We just have to decide to take them or not.
My philosophy is “I will say yes to all good things that come my way.” More recently, I got an email from a career counselor at my university. She told us about an opportunity at a local small business called Hangar 24. It was a social media marketing position that I had just heard about through this email, and I just happen to be taking an accounting class with the control manager, Alex Lemos. Long story short, I went for it. But you can see that opportunities present themselves randomly, but they can have a very large significance in your career. As I always see it, there is no harm in trying out an opportunity. Especially with a job, I might not get the job or internship I applied for, but I developed new contacts for the future. So yes, you can take any situation and turn it around for the best.

Take this advice like I have! I will say yes to all good things that come my way!



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