A Not So Relaxing Summer

A not so relaxing summer….

My Junior year of college is quickly coming to a close, and my summer is just about to begin. I’ve already blogged about various internship opportunities that I have applied to already. However, I will tell you their is much, much more!

So far to date, I have applied to around 15 internships for this summer. I have gotten a couple of interviews, but I’ll admit that it has had its ups and downs. I have formally been rejected by one internship that I did not expect. I have never had this happen to me before. I have always believed free help was always wanted. Why wouldn’t you be hired for that? Oh well.

I was formally offered a development internship with the Long Beach Opera; however, a very interesting story has unfolded with that one. I had interviewed with the Director of Development. From my interview, I was very excited about the opportunities that I was to have. This last week, I sent an email to confirm, but I never received a response back. I called the Opera on Friday and discovered that the director that I was excited to be working with had left the company. Unfortunate but life happens.

Right now, I find myself back at square one. Will I be getting a new internship this summer? I don’t know. However, I have a gut feeling that all of this has been happening for a reason. My gut is telling me something big is going to happen, and I’ll have to keep you updated. This is also a growing experience for me. I have never been rejected from an internship before, and I have never put myself in a position to ‘just see where things take me.’ This will be a growing experience for sure.

So why did I title this blog “a not so relaxing summer”? This is because even if I DON’T get a new internship. I will still have one part-time job, my internship with the Inland Valley Symphony, my artists management projects AND an accounting class. I believe my life will always be permanently busy which I am actually ok with. It makes life more exciting and so far THAT will be my not so relaxing summer.


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