Ace Your Interview!

It’s interview season.  I know, because I have about four interviews during the next two weeks. Each one of these interviews will take individual preparation and time commitment.  These are a couple of points that I have been reviewing and keeping in mind!  

Before the big day…

  • Have your resume ready and reviewed for spelling and grammar errors BEFORE the big day.
  • Research the company!  What makes this company interesting and different?  The person interviewing will be able to tell a difference in between your knowledge or lack of knowledge of the particular company. 
  • Know the job description!  Use the points outlined in the job description to outline your interview.  Every question that is asked…mold your answers to the job description.  
  • Prepare at least 2-3 good questions to ask after your interview.  This shows that you have actively thought about the position and you are excited to learn more! 
  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!  Practice with a friend over potential interview questions.  Be ready for anything that could be thrown at you.
  • LASTLY, (and one of my favorite parts) DRESS FOR SUCCESS!  It’s your day.  Look your best, look professional and pick something that you will feel comfortable in.  

I would say maybe 95% of the actual interview process is completed even before you step into the employer’s interview.  There is constant preparation of questions, putting together your resume, thinking of questions, researching the company and “dressing for success” before the actual day.  Interviews are your time to shine.  Show your potential employer WHY YOU ARE SO AMAZING!  What makes you unique and professional? 

During the interview…

  • SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!  Act like you want to be in no other place but in that interview. 
  • Answer each question clearly.  You can even take a second to think about an answer if you need too. 
  • Shake the persons hand on your way out and thank them for their time.

After the interview…

  • Send a “thank you” note, HANDWRITTEN to the person that interviewed you.  Do not simply email them a thank you.  If you are serious about the position, a handwritten letter will mean much more. 
  • Reward yourself for accomplishing something as stressful as an interview!  Even if it didn’t go perfectly, you can always learn and reflect from the process.  

Now that I have reviewed the interview process with you, I need to take a “bit of my own medicine”  and use these facts that I presented.  Interview tomorrow and another next week for me.  Good Luck! 



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