Protecting your Health as a Professional Musician

To start, I am really no expect in this; however, I have seen many of my friends struggle with these issues involving their musical health. This is important, because your mental and physical health can greatly impact your playing ability. A couple tips:

1) Protect your hearing. Yes, I know you’re young and you don’t even think about this being a problem for you yet. However, the bigger the exposer to loud sounds in your youth will limit your ability to continue your music career successfully in your future. Prevent this by reducing and minimizing exposer to loud sounds by using ear plugs. Don’t complain about them being dorky either. I am sure you can find some decent ones.

2) Keep your body healthy. Take your vitamins, eat right, exercise, don’t do a lot of drugs….all of these things can have a major impact on your career more than you think!

3) Finally, SLEEP! Many people that I know hardly get the 6-8 hours of sleep. This is a part of your daily health, and it will bring you down physically and emotionally if you don’t do it. Don’t stay up till 1am trying to get in your last bit of work or 5 hours of practicing. About 99% of the time nothing is accomplished during this time anyway.

There you go! Protecting your health is very important for musicians. Please take as much time for yourself as your career!


2 thoughts on “Protecting your Health as a Professional Musician

  1. I totally agree with you! I never realized how important sleep was or eating right until I noticed a DRASTIC change in my playing. Ever since I graduated from UofR, I have been in a much better physical state. I cannot nor will ever go without at least 6 hours of sleep ever again!! Great advice Megan!

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