A New Internship, A New Connection

I can tell you right now that you are going to quickly get tired of all the internships that I do and talk about.  The famous Lauren Berger “Intern Queen” had 15 internships during her four years of college.  Well thus far in my college career, I have had only 6 internships.  I think that’s pretty close to 15, right?  Either way, today I am blogging about a new opportunity that I just received with the California Chamber Orchestra.  

The California Chamber Orchestra is a small, accomplished chamber orchestra in the Temecula Valley.  They are small, but they have musicians from the San Diego Symphony perform with them.  I think that says something about their group.  This last weekend, they performed a concert dedicated to Benjamin Britten in celebration of his 100th birthday.  That’s pretty exciting. 

However, my job was to be assistant to the conductor.  Unfortunately, that did not mean I had the opportunity to stand up in front of the orchestra and conduct.  I doubt I would even have the knowledge or ability to do that.  However, it was a fantastic opportunity, because I got to work closely with the conductor, Dana.  She’s a very sweet lady, very professional and was very enthusiastic to have me.  I had the opportunity to learn the behind-the-scene preparation for the concert, and I got to experience just how busy a conductor is. Overall, this internship will provide me with major connections. For now, it is just very exciting to say that I am the “assistant” to the conductor of the California Chamber Orchestra.  You don’t get to say that too often.  


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