The Magic of Bulletin Boards

The magic of bulletin boards….what could I possibly be writing this blog entry about? Well to make it simple, this blog entry is to remind all of you to take advantage of the situation at hand, your surroundings and to get ahead.

The art world is a very small place in reality. Everybody knows everybody, fortunately, but unfortunately, everybody can be in your business. So I would step lightly in any artistic situation. However, you can use this to your advantage. In order to do well in the music world, you need to know everybody and everybody needs to know you. Network is a simple way to say it. Talk to every musician you meet and treat everybody professionally and you will go far. But like I was saying, take advantage of every situation. If you attend a symphony concert and you have the opportunity to meet the artist, take that advantage. You need to have as many musicians as you can as friendly colleagues.

Now that I have had my networking rant, the magic of bulletin boards. What I mean again is simply take advantage of every situation. Every university has bulletin boards loaded with various opportunities and information in their music departments. I bet you 98% of music students walk by and never look at these things. Take a second and look! You never know, you could get an internship with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (like me) or find an audition opportunity to advance your career. As a musician, you need to do everything in your power to take advantage of situations. One way is the magic of the bulletin board.


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