The intern queen!

Have you ever heard of the InternQueen? Well it’s this lady in her early twenties that accomplished 15 internships during her undergrad. That is pretty impressive, and I can’t even beat that with my 5 internships. However, she has recently launched her website where she helps students find and get the most out of their internships. I just think she’s such an inspiration, because she’s so young but she made her dreams a reality. My dream is key changes will form into something like her website, and that I will be able to travel to universities and give seminars on different topics. I know owning my own company would be quite the accomplishment, and I hope it grows to something bigger one day. However, I’m bringing this up, because I just got done reading her book “All work, No pay.” That title sounds like an intern’s life! But I’m recommending her book, because I enjoyed reading it so much. So go read it!



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