Career Building

Hello, it’s Megan. The girl behind the words. I have been posting on many topics that could be beneficial to any young persons career, but I have recently come up with a new idea. I have been using this blog as a means to giving advice, but now I would like to use it as a way of telling my own story. What are my successes? Where have I gone, and where I am going? My hope is that a young person might read these particular blogs and get a little inspiration, because I believe anybody can reach for their dreams if they are focused, dedicated and love what they do.

So I’ll tell you, I’ve always enjoyed the idea of working for the arts. Today, many art organizations are struggling financial and artistically. I would love to be the person that turns them around. Have you ever heard of Michael Kaiser? Well, he is my hero in the field of arts administration, and I really hope this summer, I will have the opportunity to intern with his organization. So…I have a passion for the arts. I have a passion for helping people in the arts, mostly young people. This is where my dreams for Key Changes began. I have helped a couple of my friends in developing their music careers, but I always like to help more. My hope is Key Changes will develop into something a little bit bigger someday. Maybe in the future, I will even be able to travel to universities giving workshops to young inspiring artists. That would be the dream. Well as you can see, I have many dreams, and I really hope most of them come through. We will just have to see what happens.


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