The Facebook Page

Socia Media has taken the world by storm.  It is the new way to connect with a new generation.  It is a new way to build contacts.  It is a good way to market yourself.  Take advantage of this free marketing tool and create yourself an artist facebook page. 

First, in order for a facebook page to be successful, you cannot think of it as another website.  Your facebook page will be your way of introducing yourself and your music in a relaxed way.  You will start to build the conversation between yourself and your “fans.” So, what makes a facebook page successful anyway? Two important things. 

1. Scope: Yes, your facebook page is perfect about talking about yourself and what you are doing.  However, people will visit your page, because they want to learn about music and the music world.  Post conversations from other music blogs, pictures from gigs, quotes from famous music artists and interesting articles…. give people a reason to have a conversation.  MAKE it interesting. 

2. Consistency: Nobody likes a “dead” facebook page.  In order for this way of marketing to be successful, it is a necessity that you remain consistent in your postings.  No one likes visiting a page one day and seeing that the artist has not posted anything in a month.  Building relationships and conversation is KEY for a musicians career!

Building this kind of social media tool is EASY, and it will pay off greatly. 

In addition to interesting articles and tid-bits, your page should have professional photos of your art and photos of you in various musical venues.  It should have a strong bio.  Remember it should be professional but ENGAGING. 

Check out this great website:


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