Use Your Brand to Get Ahead

I recently just finished writing a business essay on the importance of non-profit branding for my non-profit marketing class at school.  It was a very interesting essay, and I learned a lot from the process.  However, through my research, I came up with an article from the New Zealand Herald of all places explaining how you can use a personal brand to get ahead in the job market.  Music students this is essential for you, because you have to constantly sell yourself to find gigs, and don’t forget students in other fields are welcome to use this also.

First, let me define what a brand is for you.  An article taken from explained it very well, ““a brand is everything associated with a company, product, service, or person…it’s your logo, your promise…it’s what you stand for, what you do, what you say and what you look like.  It is the beacon that will incite people to join forces with you and make your cause their own.”

My logo is Key Changes.  I promise to do everything in my power to make sure music students are equipped and have the skills necessary to make it big.

So here we go…

According to the article, it is very important for anybody in the working field to understand who you are and how you can become your own source of a functional “brand.”  In order to advance in your career or career path, you need to make the effort to become more of a focal point within the eyes of potential employers.  This can be done online simply by creating a LinkedIn profile or creating blog.  These ways will make you stand out, unique and help you create a personal identity.

For a musician…one can create a personal website.  Here you could display your brand as professional and talented.  Creating a LinkedIn profile could do the same.  Then create a personal music blog where you talk about your journey in becoming a successful musician.  Creating this online brand is very important and very easy to do.

Take the time.  Think about how you want to be viewed as a professional.  For musicians: a fun-loving, talented, easy-going performer OR a classy, professional – hire me, and you’ll get the best talent for your money.  Once you concrete this brand, take it on-line, expand it and GET AHEAD.


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