Dress to Impress!

I’m literally writing this blog entry, because (1) I want too, (2) I think it’s something that needs to be addressed, and (3) I’ve been looking at pinterest for the last hour when I should be studying (I would not suggest to become this distracted in your own career.)  So this blog is about dressing to impress.

Now that you are entering the professional working field, long gone are the days of high school…when you could show up at school, band, or anything in between in jeans and a t-shirt..and it would be fine.  Now, as you start to put yourself out there in the world more and more…it becomes more important to dress impressive.  This does not only mean dress impressive at concerts, recitals, auditions or interviews…it means dress impressive when ever you can so that you can impress anybody in a given situation.

I rarely wear jeans and a t-shirt anymore.  Even when attending school, I wear nice pants, a nice sweater with a top.  I even have to say good-bye to my forever loved flip-flops.  Yes, it is a hard process.  However, once you begin to dress to impress in daily life and not just in formal situations, you will start to be regraded more as a professional individual whom is dedicated to their career and making a positive image of themselves in their environment.  You will be surprised how much your classmates, friends and colleagues will begin to notice you, because it is a given fact that when you dress-up…your personality becomes more professional along with it. Remember, you do not have to go through your daily life in a business suit….meanly a nice outfit that could turn a professional eye.

Now, I just going to post pictures I found on pintrest that I thought would be pretty awesome to dress up in! 


2 thoughts on “Dress to Impress!

  1. Oh gosh, I’ve gotten so much more comfortable with the whole jeans-and-a-t-shirt getup during college–ironically I used to dress up a bit more in high school! :p However, I have been wearing more business casual clothes to school because I go to an off-campus job three days out of the school week, and I must say that I do feel so much more ready to face the world whenever I do so.


  2. Megan, I am so glad to see a post on this. My colleagues and I discuss the lack of professionalism in job candidates in their appearance. Our first thought is if you don’t think to care to look like a professional for a job interview, how you will present yourself to one of our clients?

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