Are you sabotaging yourself?

I was sent this email earlier this week about ways that you may sabotaging yourself in your career, and I thought it was very interesting to share.  Here are a couple of short points that you can easily change in your career pursuit that can led you to be more successful.  Two things that may be sabotaging your job search:

  • Is your email professional?  It is fun to have an email like gategirl700@….com, HOWEVER that is not very professional.  This is something that I am struggling with myself.  I have been using the same email for years, but now since I will be entering the job market soon, it is important for me to develop a professional email address.  I would suggest gmail, because it is the most recognizable email address.  So for example,  Of course, if you have a school email that would be fine too!
  • How readable is your resume?  Many times, people spend a lot of time putting together a resume, but how readable is it?  You list a bunch of skills, but does your future employer now what skills and your interests really are? Once your resume is completed, pass it alone to a stranger that does not really know you.  Can they read it?

Here go!  A few tips to apply to your working career. Enjoy!


One thought on “Are you sabotaging yourself?

  1. Email is one of the biggest blunders people make when in the market for a job. If you are an entrepreneur consider purchasing a domain name, they are cheap, to market yourself a little better. is acceptable but adds a nice bit of polish to the contact.

    Resume’s should be readable and please avoid buzzwords as much as possible; they are general and do not speak to actions or specific results. “Team player” does not convey anything where “Lead team to best support satisfaction rating of the year during the month of October” tells what was actually accomplished.

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