The Press Kit

Now many of you may be wondering, what is a press kit?  I didn’t have a clue until about a year ago, but a press kit is VERY important in the marketing of your music.  I like to think of a press kit as an extension to your resume except it’s more professional, glossy, interesting and en-depth.  It is simply a folder that includes these top pieces:

  1. A letter of introduction: what are you writing this for? What’s the purpose?
  2. An artist biography: who are you? What makes you different and interesting? This is where you get to talk about yourself and what you are trying to promote.  Are you a small flute duet looking for community awareness? Are you a performer looking for experience on stage? Make it professional, interesting and unique.   Also, include your resume.
  3. A photo: Include a nice, high-glossy photo of yourself
  4. If you are group or you’ve done something exciting as an individual, consider writing a press release to vamb-up the kit. Press releases help you get published in newspaper and increases your community awareness.  Contact me if you want particular help on this!
  5. MOST important: Create a CD or DVD displaying your work.  This is where you show the viewer what you really are all about. Make sure it is in a professional case with a label on the CD or DVD.
  6. Include your business card on the inside sleeve of the folder
  7. Create a poster advertising the upcoming concerts that you will be performing in.  This will give the person viewing your kit the opportunity to see you before they hire you.

Use these tips and suggestions to get started!  Creating a press-kit is a lot of work, but it could just be the beginning of getting your face known.

These are a couple of articles that helped me write this blog entry.  Check them out for further reference.

Interesting idea…use this website to promote your press-kit online!


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