Managing your Time

Musicians are pretty much the busiest bunch I know.  They do everything from rehearsals, to hours of practice, concerts, class, teaching lessons and sometimes even a part-time job!  This is the life of a musician and a little bit of time management is important in keeping your head on straight!

As a business major, I am pretty busy also, but not anything like that of a musician.  I commend you and your valiant effort to become successful.  It will pay off!  However, here are a couple of tips to keep your head on straight during the journey…

  • Buy a dry erase board with the days of the week on it.  Write and review this at the beginning of every week to visualize what your week will be like.
  • Planner’s are lifesavers in my life! Always keep it with you, and if you are ever in the situation of booking a gig….you will never over book yourself.
  • Print out a monthly calendar off of google.  Take 15 minutes and write out all the important dates in your month on this paper calendar.  Then stick it under your whiteboard.  Now you have a visual of the WEEK and the MONTH! 🙂
  • Lastly, buy a small, fun little notebook to write down lists, goals and thoughts.  Carry this everywhere you go and whenever you remember something write it down!

These are just a couple of tips!  If you have any strategies that have worked for you leave them in a POST! Happy managing….



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