Start a Network

Networking is important in any profession, but I believe a music career can benefit the most from this process.  Networking is when you reach out to people in your field, both professional and student alike, creating a professional connection with them. In my career, I have greatly benefited from having strong connections.  I received three of my greatest internships from knowing a person or knowing a person that new a person.  My greatest opportunities where working with the San Diego Symphony where I acquired about the opportunity through my dad who knew a person who knew another person.  Three months later, I found myself sitting at one of the most successful orchestras in Southern California.

I can never stress to you enough how important networking in your industry is today.  Today, our work is changing.  It used to be that you applied to a job out of the blue and you where 99% likely to get the job.  Now, you have to have these crazy connections of knowing a person and knowing a person.  But do not be swayed into thinking that it is not possible.  It’s good to start simple then grow your networking empire!

Start with these key ideas!

  • LinkedIn: A “facebook” site for working professional.  Here you upload your resume, picture and education so it can be viewed by millions of employers.  You can also “connect” to people in the Los Angeles Phil or the Kennedy Center in D.C.! I’m connected with people that sit on the board of the San Diego Symphony!
  • Facebook: Facebook is always a good tool to connect with someone; however, you want to be very careful with this.  It’s great to reach out to people on facebook, but keep in mind that they will be coming back to check our your site.  Is there anything that you wouldn’t want a future employer to see?
  • Get involved into the blog frenzy! You might not have ever been much of a blogger, but many times professional in the field like to talk about themselves.  What better place to talk back to them?
  • Lastly, free calling or emailing!  I did this a while back.  I went to every orchestra that I would want to work for one day website.  I looked under the marketing department for the Marketing Manager’s email.  Found it.  Sent an Email. It was something like this:

“Dear Mr. Giglinto,

My name is Megan Thudium, and I am a student at the University of Redlands in Redlands, CA.  I am very interested in pursuing a career in a nonprofit organization like a symphony orchestra.  I was wondering if you could give me any advice in my career path.  How did you get started, and what advice can you give to me for being successful in nonprofit?

Thank you, Megan Thudium”

It’s not to hard, right? I received an email back from pretty much everybody that I emailed in the first place, AND I even got a short telephone interview with the Director of Marketing at the Chicago Symphony.  That was pretty sweet!

Network, Network, Network…that is the KEY to success!


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