In the Beginning…

I have never been much of a blogger, but I have always been a person to try new things.  This is what I am doing today.  Recently, I have had the crazy but simi-good idea to create a company dedicated to helping young musicians enter the working field with all the right “keys” for success.  This is where I am starting.  I first came up with this idea when helping my significant other in his career to becoming a professional musician.  I loved helping him in his career and building a website, facebook page, putting together business cards…. I am convinced that part of the reason that he has become more successful in the last couple months is this new push for marketing.  I loved it so much, I wanted to create a company out of it and dedicate a good chuck of my daily life to helping similar musicians in becoming successful.

So here we are at the beginning.  My hope is that this blog will one day turn into something much greater…aiding musicians from high school all the way through their long schooling experience.  I offer my expertise that I have learned through viewing the successful careers of other musicians, my own career as a business major and my experience in working in the art non-profit industry.  

On this site, you will expect to find blog entries on tips and suggestions on how to ensure your success, links to various sites/articles/pages as reference, my own personal suggestions to individual followers and hopefully a legacy worth starting. Thank you for joining my journey! 


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